Visitor Centre water use

Visitor Centre water use

The Nikau water feature sculpture you see on arrival at the Visitor Centre and toilets inside both use water that is collected from the roof and stored in an underground tank.

Nikau sculpture

The Nikau (2005) sculpture by James Wright greets visitors as they head towards the Visitor Centre. The falling water of the 'trunks' cascades gracefully into the rounded pool of water below. This water is in a continious syustem of recirculation so that the artistic beauty of the piece is not responsible for wasting any water. It just goes to show that sustainable water managment can be made into something gorgeous.

Recycling and storing water

This beautifully designed water feature collects, uses and then re-uses rain from the roof of the Visitor Centre. The water is stored in underground tanks and constantly runs through the water feature and is also used for flushing the toilets in the Vsitor Centre.

Re-using water

Reusing water is a great way to reduce the amounts taken from the city water supply and save on your water bill. It is also an effective way to reduce water discharge.

Water is re-used in a variety of locations at the Auckland Botanic Gardens.

Rain water is collected from the Visitor Centre roof and stored in an underground tank. It is then used to run the nikau water feature at the entrance to the Visitor Centre and to flush the Visitor Centre toilets.