07. Kiwifruit killer - ceratocystis wilt

7. Kiwifruit killer - ceratocystis wilt

Overseas, kiwifruit has been devastated by ceratocystis wilt, as well as close relatives of pohutukawa in Hawaii. Ceratocystis wilt affects numerous different plants including many of our favourite fruit trees. If it arrived in NZ, the fruit industry would be crippled.

Biosecurity protects kiwifruit

  • Biosecurity protects kiwifruit - Campbell Wood

  • <p>A kiwifruit vine affected by ceratocystis wilt.</p>

NZ kiwifruit growers have been visiting sites overseas to ensure we recognise this disease if it ends up in NZ -early detection of plant diseases increases the chances of the disease being eradicated. Don't bring any plants into NZ - they may be harbouring a disease.

  • <p>Kiwifruit are at risk</p>