06. Kauri dieback

6. Felling our forest giants - kauri dieback

Kauri are the giants of the forest - they lived in New Zealand long before humans arrived, and kauri's relatives lived with dinosaurs. Don't let us be the ones to cause the extinction of kauri! We are the biggest threat to kauri.

Kauri dieback

  • Save Our Kauri Forests short clip

  • <p>Kauri affected by kauri dieback</p>

You can spread kauri dieback - just a pinhead of soil can contain the disease. Make sure you clean your boots and any other muddy items of clothing as well as possible if you think you've been in a kauri dieback area. If unsure, do it anyway!

Obey all closed track notices, this is one way to try and stop the spread of kauri dieback to new areas.